The Staff



Allison Siglinger | SMG 2015 | Ansonia, CT

“My favorite city is Boston It’s small enough, so it’s not overwhelming; it’s cleaner, safer, and greener than NYC; the history is magical; and I don’t have much to compare it to. I’m most excited to see the impact my group makes on the Boston community and each other.”


Amal Hechehouche | CAS 2016 | Albany, NY

“My favorite city is Washington, DC because it is beautiful, lively, historical and our nation’s capital.  I am most excited to build long lasting ties through meaningful and inspirational service.”


Chen Cao | CAS 2014 | Newton, MA

“My favorite city is Beijing. I love it because it’s a great and lively metropolis that has both modern and traditional elements. You can always find new places and alleys to discover on a day trip. I was born here as well and have been back to the city several times, including during the Olympics in 2008. But the best part is all of the amazing food the city has to offer. There is a lot to be excited about for this year’s FYSOP. I will get to not only go into the heart of the diverse and eclectic neighborhoods of the greater Boston area to discover what makes their community come alive, but as well as meet some great coordinators, staff leaders, and of course the incoming freshmen class. So many opportunities of good times, fun, learning, and bonding is heading our way.”

431959_10151611276523080_1477198671_n 2

Devon McCarthy | CAS 2016 | Darien, CT

“After Boston (of course), my favorite city would be either Los Angeles or Tokyo! I love them both for different reasons, but I was born in Los Angeles so it’s close to my heart and Tokyo was the first big city I visited outside of the United States. I’m super excited for FYSOP 24 after a great freshman experience as a FYSOPer because it’s my first year on staff and I love that I get to experience FYSOP for a second time as Urban staff!”

Fysop24 EC

Elizabeth Cross | SAR 2015 | Grover’s Corners, NH

Welcome to Boston! This city has got heart, history, art, culture, the Red Sox, and thousands of *ehem* studious college students. I’m so excited to start the year off right with such a motivated and high energy team of volunteers who are passionate about serving this great city! LEGEND!


Enze Yan | CAS 2016 | Beijing, China

” I always go into rapture at the mere mention of Boston. It has the country character and city charm, being a college city and very lively. The Charles River sees all the friendly people, the clean atmosphere, the closeness to nature and the gentle pace of living. Nor is the city of Boston without its moments of beauty. There is something comforting about the warm glow shed by giant ‘CITGO’ sign on cold wet winter nights! There are interesting hangouts and places to see, with street musicians and interesting people. It just has a feel… a feeling… I think that is what makes a city interesting – it gives you a feeling! I’m extremely looking forward to meeting all of the wonderful new Terriers and making bonds out of individuals while making a difference in the Boston community. Also, don’t be afraid of losing our voice as we cheer our way through FYSOP! (I did not do FYSOP as a freshman so this is an exciting new experience for me as much as it is for you!)”


Eugene Peng | CAS 2014 | Newton, MA

“Wasssupp all you future  FYSOP 24ers! Someday, I would love to move to San Francisco because of the awesome weather but Boston will always be my home. Having spent my entire life in this city, I don’t think I could ever let it go…. I am most excited to get to know all of you college noobs and spend an AMAZING week with you volunteering and having fun in the greatest city ever. It is going to be the greatest experience you will have at BU (I hope) and I am glad that I can be apart of it!”

haaaa (2)

Heather Coirin | COM 2015 | Albany, NY

“Favorite city and why? Bali, Indonesia: Paradise on Earth What I’m most excited for at this FYSOP? To show the rest of FYSOP how Urban GETS DOWN!”


Josh Shelofsky | ENG 2016 | Annandale, NJ

“I would say Boston is my favorite city, but to avoid matching everybody else and sounding cliché, I’m going to go with Chicago. Why? I’ve only been there once, but I think it is one of the most beautiful cities in America. The food is great, especially in Greektown, and if you’ve never seen Lake Michigan enter the city by the Chicago River, you should Google it, because it is stunning! I was amazed the first time I saw it. I’m excited about pretty much everything about FYSOP, but if I had to choose one thing, I would say it would be meeting my new volunteers.  When I was a freshman, I remember feeling really nervous about FYSOP because I barely knew anyone at BU and I didn’t know what to expect, but once I met my fellow volunteers, I started making friends and began to feel more comfortable at BU. Needless to say, I’m really excited about meeting the new volunteers and seeing just how much we can accomplish in one great week of service!”
Julia Tom | CAS 2016 | San Francisco, CA
“I’d have to say that my favorite city is Shermer, Illinois. It’s not technically a real city, but it’s the town that John Hughes created and had most of his movies take place in like Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s every teen’s dream town, where dreamy boys stand outside your window declaring their love with boom boxes, and misfits, nerds, and prepsters come together and find common ground. I mean, what’s not to love. What I’m most excited for this year’s FYSOP is the chance to engage and inspire both the students and the people of Boston to work together in creating a better and more informed community. I can’t wait to meet all my little FYSOP babies and hopefully, affirm their love for community service and the fact that they chose to go to the greatest college in the history of the universe.”


Jyoti Suryadevara | CAS 2014 | Parsippany, NJ

“My favorite city has got to be Philly. I love the antique build of the city, the nightlife, and best of all the Cheesesteaks! NOMMMM! FYSOP 24 is just going to be awesome. THE END! But if I had to choose what I’m most excited for, I’m looking forward to jumping in the Charles with the seniors.”
Kathryn Vessel | CAS/SAR 2016 | Star, ID
“Being a small-town girl, I was struck with wide-eyed city wonder when I moved to Boston last year, and I’ve been in love ever since! From the cobblestones of the North End to the choppy waves of the Charles and no-nonsense natives, Boston is my second home.
This August, I can’t wait to get back into my favorite city, serving the people and taking ownership over our beautiful urban environment. Furthermore, I look forward to watching incoming freshmen experience the magic of FYSOP and fall in love with their new city the same way I did a year ago. It’s going to be Urban LEGEND-… wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is- DAIRY!”

Nikiga Shah | SAR 2016 | Virginia Beach, VA

“My favorite city is Washington DC because it is so exciting and ther eis always something new to discover about America. I am so excited for FYSOP this summer to volunteer and meet cool people. Can’t wait!!”

399222_4962987114877_419352404_n (1)

Sam Farnsworth | CFA 2016 | Belchertown, MA

“I currently would have to say my favorite city is Boston. There is no city in the world as strong and passionate as this one and if you disagree I’m pretty sure most people living here would fight you about it…. or at least disagree strongly. I personally feel this way because there is no place that better combines the feel of living in a city without the intimidation of being in a city. You can have your skyscrapers at one end and a small town feel on the other. Not to mention it is beautiful to walk around and admire just how beautiful our city is. Seriously.  I just can’t wait to meet every person coming in to do this program. It was the best way to start off my year at BU and I hope that it can be that way for everyone this year. Everyone gets a chance to meet new people, get a look at where they can help the place that will be home for the next 4 years (at least) and have fun doing it. Also the pick-up Ultimate game that hopefully will have a revival.”


Savan Santoki | ENG 2016 | Gujarat, India

“My favourite city is Bangalore (a metro city in South India) only because it literally rains there every day for half an hour in the evenings through the six months of monsoon ! and also the people there are AWESOMEEE. I AM SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR FYSOP specially to meet new people and make some great memories 😀 and also i need some place to shed of the energy i am gaining while hibernating through this horrible Indian heat.  SEE YOU ALL SOON !”


Sheina Godovich | CAS 2014 | Staten Island, NY

“My favorite city is London – as exciting as NYC, but feels as calm as Boston. What I’m most excited for is Learning more about the city I call home, and getting to share it with new friends.”

college livin

Talia Flores | SAR 2016 | Watertown, MA

“Boston may be defaulted my favorite city, but I can’t fail to mention the amazing city of New Orleans. As a freshman, I spent my spring break exploring NOLA and rebuilding houses after Hurricane Katrina. This city has so much spirit and community. Not to mention the beignets are fabulous. As you can tell, I’m very civically-minded and love to see the effect I can have on a city. I am beyond excited for fysop24 and can’t wait to share my passion with all you urbanites! FYSOP is one of the best memories I’ve had at BU so far, and never fails to be amazing. As a former gymnast, I may just have to throw a flip or two to show my excitement when you all arrive! Feel free to show the love or S/O a cheer to me on twitter @tflo27. AND get ready to get DOWN at fysop24!”


Thomas Diorio | ENG 2016 | Ridgewood, NJ

“New York City is my favorite city because it is my home city. It is the reason that I love urban environments and was a deciding factor on going to a school in a city.  I’m excited to show the incoming freshman around Boston, revealing all of the exciting opportunities to aid the community they have available to them.”

VP fysop pic

Victoria Peri | CAS 2014 | Fairfield, CT

“Being a product of my hometown of Fairfield, CT, you can spot me around campus wearing pearls and bows.  If I’m not busy scoping out the best coffee and breakfast food in the city, I am working on perfecting the aca-bounce with my a cappella group, The BU Allegrettos [Shameless plug: come audition for us in]. I am most excited to be a part of FYSOP 24 Urban Engagement because everybody knows Boston is the Beyonce of cities, and therefore this issue area makes me feel like I’m getting engaged to Beyonce.  So start your countdown to FYSOP 24, and have some sweet dreams about running the world with thedivas of Urban Engagement because we’re crazy in love with Boston and it’s going to be an irreplaceable week!”

fysop23 for fysop24

Vince Calvi | CGS/COM 2016 | Wallingford, CT

“Favorite City and why: It’s a tie between Shanghai and Florence. Both are hubs to culture to the east and the west. Having spent time in both cities, each are equally as perfect in my eyes, yet are so unique I can’t group them as the same or one better than the other. I’m most excited to meet all the incoming freshman! I did FYSOP23 last summer and I’m still close with my FYSTAFF and group members. I can’t wait to have the same thing happen again this year.”


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