The Vision

What’s up Legends?! As you may or may not know, Urban Engagement is still a wee young issue area of only four years. Our relatively young age isn’t a bad thing, though! If anything, it gives us that much more freedom to make Urban into what we want it to be. The sky(line) is the limit as far as we’re concerned, and we can already tell you that our vision for this year’s Urban Engagement service has us glowing with excitement.

So what is our vision, you’re wondering? Well, let us tell you, little Legends! In years past, Urban has done a phenomenal job going into schools, painting murals, and participating in city beautification projects. We’re using many past sites as the foundation for this year’s Urban, and building on it with our own passions and interests. As coordinators, we both feel a very strong connection to people. For us, Urban is about who lives in the city we’re serving: where do they come from? What are their lives like? How are their families structured? What are their religious and cultural beliefs, and how does that shape their neighborhoods and city? Our service sites this year will be structured around answering these questions in an attempt to truly understand and engage with urban life.

We are only just beginning our journey as Urban Coordinators, and are so honored to be in this position. It is a learning process for us just as much as it is for you all. One of us grew up in a city and one of us didn’t, and we find ourselves trying to merge our urban and suburban backgrounds every day to make this the most comprehensive, enlightening, fulfilling Urban Engagement FYSOP yet.

Stay legendary, FYSOPers. The city is calling and can’t wait for you all to answer!


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