The Service Sites

When it comes to the service aspect of FYSOP and Urban, there are some flat-out amazing organizations and projects that we will be working with. Read about them below:

Spontaneous Celebrations

A community cultural center that strives to unite and empower people through the arts, Spontaneous Celebrations has been serving Jamaica Plain and Roxbury for over 30 years. Famous for their seasonal celebrations, Urban Engagement volunteers will be making sustainable lanterns for their annual Lantern Festival in October. A huge fundraiser for the organization that brings people from all over the community together, people can buy lanterns, drink cider, and walk around Jamaica Pond in the evening.

Allston Cleanup

Volunteers will help longtime Urban Engagement friend Sergeant Michael O’Hara clean up the neighborhood around Jackson Mann Elementary by painting, picking up litter, and scraping stickers in an effort to maintain the dignity and community feel of Allston. This will be a great opportunity for volunteers to explore the neighborhood that is just a stone’s throw from Boston University and their new backyard!

Jackson Mann Elementary

Another site overseen by Sergeant O’Hara, volunteers will be painting murals in this elementary school’s recess space just in time for school to start. Urban has visited Jackson Mann for the past two years, and every year the project gets even more beautiful and elaborate thanks to the efforts to Lena McCarthy, a former Urban staff member and senior at BU who will be designing the mural!

Roslindale Community Center

Operated by the Boston Centers for Youth and Families (BCYF), the Roslindale Community Center provides affordable, fun programming for all age groups, a computer lab, and community access space for various groups and organizations to meet in. Volunteers will be helping the Center clean up and get ready for their school-year programming and also will be spending time with some of the children and youth who frequent the Center while learning about their mission and role as one of the major voices in the Roslindale community.

Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House

Located in Area IV, one of the most diverse and densely populated neighborhoods in Cambridge, the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House works to address the economic, social, and political inequities that shape the lives and futures of its neighbors. By connecting people with opportunities that will strengthen their community, eliminating violence from the streets, and gaining access to basic human service and educational needs provides support to over 4,000 constituents, many of whom are the most vulnerable residents of Cambridge. MFNH has always maintained a grassroots approach when it comes to their programs and outreach, and Urban volunteers are very lucky to be helping this fantastic organization host a big neighborhood party! From face painting to serving food to playing with kids, this extensive block party is one of the highlights of the year for MFNH.

Youth and Family Enrichment Services Inc. (YOFES)

A non-profit that focuses on Boston’s Haitian community, YOFES’s mission is “to build strong families that can raise healthy children in the face of poverty and social inequities.” With a range of high-value educational services, arts programs, teen outreach, and health care services, YOFES strives to empower families as they navigate being between their Haitian roots and American environment.


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