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Moving off to college is so exciting but can be hectic with all the packing and traveling. Fortunately for you FYSOPers we try to make the transition as smooth as possible! Please take ONE MINUTE to fill out the mandatory FYSOP Travel Itinerary form. If your moving in from around the corner and just bringing one suitcase, or flying in from abroad and shipping all of your life’s belongings, we need to know your story! Where are you coming from? How are you getting here? Do you need a pick-up from the airport?

Help us make Move-In Day on August 26th a fun and exciting day by filling out your travel itinerary at This way we can welcome you to campus right when you arrive!


Site Visits | Rounds 1 & 2

photoHeyo Legendz!

We’ve been busy visiting sites and learning about the amazing Boston community for FYSOP’s most legendary issue area. You should all be very excited. Here’s a small recap of where we’ve visited:

Andrew Jackson/Horace Mann Community Schools

Located in Allston, the Jackson-Mann Elementary School has a variety of programs “that aim at providing the most positive and caring school environment possible so that [their] teachers can teach and [their] students can fulfill their potential for academic and personal growth” (


Long-time Urban Engagement friend, Sargeant Mike O’Hara, gave us a tour of the school’s playground and of the surrounding neighborhood. He explained just how much the city has improved from previous years. He also gave us a preview of the type of work that Urban will be doing during the service days.

Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House

After Jackson-Mann Elementary, we journeyed to Cambridge to visit the awesome Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House. One word: epic.

The lucky group that gets to go here is going to have a great time interacting with people from a community with lots of heart and lots of spirit. We’re uber excited to get very acquainted with this community center.


So, legends. Get ready. Because we’re just getting started.

-Jonathan & Amanda